Yarra Valley Cheese
persian fetta

The Yarra Valley Cheese Reuben Sandwich with Dilly Goat

Serves one

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Note: want to take your super sandwich to the next level?

Before building, generously butter the outer sides of the bread and gently pan toast them to create a crunchy, buttery crust. A perfect match with the delicious, warm and textured pastrami and the lashings of Yarra Valley Cheese Dilly Goat.


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To build the perfect Yarra Valley Cheese Reuben style sandwich, follow these steps:

  • Thick sliced fresh rye or sourdough bread
  • Yarra Valley Cheese Dilly Goat (mixed with a small amount of sour cream to soften)
  • A generous pile of pastrami or thinly sliced corned beef tossed in a hot pan briefly to warm through
  • Stack on your favourite sauerkraut
  • Add as many sliced pickled gherkins as you like
  • Another slathering of Yarra Valley Cheese Dilly Goat (with sour cream)
  • A healthy swipe of the best mustard you can find
  • Top it all off with another thick slice of the rye or sourdough
Yarra Valley Cheese