Yarra Valley Cheese
persian fetta

The YVC BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) Sandwich with Spicy Cow

Serves one

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Note: want to make your BLT that little extra special?

On the bottom layer of bread, instead of the Spicy Cow mixture, spread generously with your favourite smokey bbq sauce or tomato relish. This means adding that little bit more of the Spicy Cow mix on the top layer of bread. Also, warm the bread in the oven prior to building your BLT, it makes that lettuce and bacon seem crunchier and that little bit more delicious!


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To build the perfect Yarra Valley Cheese BLT sandwich, create in this order:

  • Fresh thick sliced white or grain sourdough or similar style rustic loaf
  • Yarra Valley Cheese Spicy Cow (mixed with a small amount of good quality mayo to soften)
  • A generous pile of crispy pan fried bacon, the best you can find
  • A layer of sliced fresh ripe tomato – the reddest, ripest, most delicious you can find
  • Lay on the crunchiest, freshest lettuce of your choice (iceberg, cos or butter lettuce)
  • Another slathering of Yarra Valley Cheese Spicy Cow mayo mixture
  • Top it all off with another thick slice of the bread
Yarra Valley Cheese